Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Unlikely Hollywood Couples

Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher (2003 - 2011): Despite their 16 year age difference, the relationship lasted eight years (they were married for six). That's impressive for a Hollywood couple (especially if one of them is Ashton Kutcher).

Julia Roberts & Lyle Lovett (1993 - 1995): It was a whirlwind romance and marriage for the box office beauty and the country crooner that caught everyone by surprise. Not as surprising, they were divorced less than two years later.

Angelina Jolie & Billy Bob Thornton (1999 - 2002): Did they really wear vials of each others blood around their necks? Who knows? The marriage last only three years.

Jane Fonda & Ted Turner (1989 - 2001): This relationship seems unlikely only in that it is between two opinionated, overachieving and larger than life  alpha celebrities. Still, the marriage lasted 12 years.

Madonna & Warren Beatty (1988 - 1991): Everybody else dated Warren Beatty, why shouldn't Madonna? Beatty was a movie superstar but he never seemed to crave attention, while Madge craves nothing more.

Barbra Streisand & Pierre Trudeau (1970 - 1971): Barbra Streisand, first lady of Canada? Probably not, but the two dated during the early seventies, so you never know.

Heather Locklear & David Spade (2006): Spade was Heather's rebound guy after her divorce from Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora. Way to go David.

Diana Ross & Gene Simmons (1979 - 1980): The queen of Motown dating the demon from Kiss? Strange but true. Supposedly Diana was madly in love with Gene but he would not stop his womanizing, so she ended the  relationship. Sounds like a familiar Hollywood story.

Lisa Marie Presley & Michael Jackson (1994 - 1996): True love or publicity stunt? Everyone has their own opinion, but either way the marriage lasted only two years.

Drew Barrymore & Tom Green (1999 - 2002): Drew was a fan of the Tom Green show and cast him in a small part in the movie Charlie's Angels (which she produced). The two fell in love, got married, escaped a house fire, got divorced. You know, the usual Hollywood love affair.

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