Sunday, 23 September 2012

Great Quotes About The Beatles

Timothy Leary: I declare that the Beatles are mutants. Prototypes of evolutionary agents sent by God, endowed with a mysterious power to create a new human species, a young race of laughing freemen.

Bob Dylan: They were doing things nobody was doing. Their chords were outrageous, just outrageous, and their harmonies made it all valid. I knew they were pointing the direction of where music had to go.

Billy Joel: The Beatles were the band that made me realise it was possible to make a living as a musician. When I heard the Beatles, I said "that's what I want to do".

Gene Simmons: The Beatles were a band, of course, and I loved their music. But they were also a cultural force that made it OK to be different. They didn't look like everyone else, and they still made the girls scream.

Dave Grohl: The three of us (Nirvana) grew up listening to the Beatles, then classic rock and punk. Somehow it all came together.

Liam Gallagher: I love the Beatles. What more can I say? I'm not gonna lie to you. They make me happy. And I think they were the best, and still are.

Steven Spielberg: I resented the Beatles at first because it wasn't a fad I discovered for myself. I wasn't a Beatles fan until I listen to the White Album and became an instant convert.

Leonard Bernstein: Three bars of A Day In The Life still sustain me, rejuvenate me, inflame my senses and sensibilities.

Johnny Ramone: my favorite artists have always been Elvis and the Beatles, and they still are.

Roger Daltrey: All you could do was to see them. We were backstage when the Beatles were on and you could just about hear a noise. It was just literally screaming.

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