Sunday, 2 September 2012

Elvis Presley's Ten Most Successful Films

1. Viva Las Vegas (1964): $5.1 Million. Elvis plays a race car driver in sin city. Ann-Margret co-stars.

2. Blue Hawaii (1961): $4.7 Million. Returning home to Hawaii after a stint in the army, Elvis deals with parents, girls and his future and still has time to sing a song or two.

3. G.I. Blues (1960): $4.3 Million. After leaving the army for real, Elvis makes a movie about, what else, the army.

4. Love Me Tender (1956): $4.2 Million. Elvis' first movie, a western.

5. Jailhouse Rock (1957): $3.9 Million. Elvis goes to jail, learns to become a singer, leaves jail, becomes a singer. Very simple.

6. Loving You (1957): $3.7 Million. An early Elvis film where he plays a character very similar to himself.

7. Girls! Girls! Girls! (1962): $3.6 Million. Elvis returns to Hawaii. More singing, more girls.

8. Girl Happy (1965): $3.1 Million. Elvis spends spring break in Fort Lauderdale. Shelley Fabares co-stars.

9. Roustabout (1964): $3.0 Million. A motorcycle riding daredevil (Elvis) helps to save a struggling carnival. Barbara Stanwyck co-stars.

10. Speedway (1968): $3.0 Million. Another film where Elvis plays a race car driver. Nancy Sinatra and Bill Bixby co-stars.

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