Saturday, 12 November 2011

Movie Stars Who "Retired"

Audrey Hepburn: Active in Hollywood between 1953 - 1967. Decided to devote more time to her family. Only made four more films.

Cary Grant: Retired at age 62 in 1966 after his daughter Jennifer was born. Never acted again.

Greta Garbo: Retired young at age 36 in 1941. Eventually moved to New York City and became known as a recluse. Forever linked to a line she spoke in the movie Grand Hotel "I want to be alone".

James Cagney: After a long successful career that began in the early thirties, Cagney retired in 1961. Twenty years later made a come back in the movie Ragtime.

Shirley Temple: Retired in 1950 at the age of 22. As a child Shirley was the biggest box office star in Hollywood. In later years she became ambassador to such countries as Ghana ans Czechoslovakia.

Deanna Durbin: A big star during the 1940's, she retired at age 28 and moved with her husband to a farm outside Paris.

Dolores Hart: Starred in the movie Where The Boys Are and several Elvis Films. Retired at age 25 to become a nun.

Rick Moranis: SCTV Alumni and appeared in such films as Ghostbusters and Parenthood. Retired in 1997, several years after his wife died of cancer, to raise his kids.

Sean Connery: His last film was 2003's The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Connery now lives in the Bahamas writing his autobiography.

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