Sunday, 20 November 2011

Best Paul Is Dead Clues - Part 2: The Album Covers

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band: (1) The words "Beatles" are spelled out in flowers on what looks like a grave with a left-handed guitar (bass?) designed in yellow flowers beside it. (2) there is a hand over Paul's head which in some eastern religions is the sign of death. (3) Paul's armband reads OPD, which some fans interpreted as "Officially Pronounced Dead". It actually reads OPP "Ontario Provincial Police". (4) On the back cover Paul's back is facing the camera.

Magical Mystery Tour: (1) Paul is dressed as a walrus, which is the symbol of death in some countries. (2) Paul's arms are spread wide like a crucifixion. (3) Paul is the only Beatle wearing a black carnation.

Yellow Submarine: John's hand is over Paul's head, symbol of death.

Abbey Road: (1) On the cover George, dressed in denim, represents the gravedigger. Paul, with bare feet and his eyes closed, is the corpse. Ringo, dressed in black, is the undertaker and John, dressed in white, represents the priest. (2) The Volkswagen Beetle in the background has the license plate "28IF" which fans interpreted as Paul would have been 28 if he was still alive.

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