Sunday, 5 February 2012

Madonna Goes To The Movies

A Look At The Films Of Madonna

A Certain Sacrifice (1979): A low budget film that wasn't released until after she became big.

Desperately Seeking Susan (1985): Her first film after becoming a star. One of her best and most successful.

Shanghai Surprise (1986): This Bomb was produced by Ex-Beatle George Harrison and co-starred her then husband Sean Penn.

Who's That Girl? (1987): A cute film, but another bomb.

Dick Tracy (1990): Madonna might have been the best thing (to look at) in this Warren Beatty directed film.

Truth Or Dare (1991): A documentary look at Madonna backstage.

A League Of Their Own (1992): This was the biggest movie Madonna appeared in.

Body Of Evidence (1993): A Basic Instinct rip-off movie and another bomb.

Evita (1996): Madonna got some good reviews for playing Evita Peron in this film.

Next Best Thing (2000): Madonna attempts to make a romantic comedy.

Swept Away (2002): This Movie was directed by then husband Guy Ritchie and received the worst reviews of her career.

Die Another Day (2002): Makes a cameo appearance and sings the title track for this James Bond film.

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